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Get your Horde Character to 60 in Under a Week

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Leveling in World of Warcraft can be time-consuming, unless you know where to go, what to do and how to do it. Questing is definitely the way to go but you'll always have some amount of grinding to do. There are guides on the internet that show you how to ...

Joana’s Horde Leveling Guide Review for World of Warcraft

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

It is not so easy to search out a quality World of Warcraft horde leveling guide. It is due to the prevalency of the alliance, many gamers do not play the horde as often. This is the reason why the horde guides will be less widespread. If you have done ...

Best WoW leveling guide?

Friday, December 18th, 2009

I found two leveling guides. It looks like this one is really easy to follow, but it is $35 for each guide ( gold guide, alliance guide, and horde guide ). Alliance, Horde, and Tradeskill guides. No gold guide, but you should get lots just by doing quests/dailies. Good ...

free wow leveling guide download?

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Hi! i'm having trouble leveling in wow and i was wondering if theres a free level 1-70 leveling guide that functional ingame or one that you have to pay for but its worth it...thanks! here's a comparison of wow lelveling guides my recoomendation would be to use zygor's